Smoke on the waters

So, a couple of months ago, I went to my doctor’s to get yelled at. Doctor yelled at me allright, and said I’m too fat, too lazy, and smoking too much. Guess what, she put me on some sort of happy-go-lucky pill named Zyban which actually seems to work – I’ve been smoke-free for over 2 months now, and haven’t yet had any breakdowns, not even the slightest wish for smoking.

On the same note

Since I’m smoke-free, I’ve also taken up bodybuilding again, for two reasons – one, I’m fat, and could use a better body shape and two, my camera is getting so heavy that I really need to be fit in order to carry it around. Three workout sessions per week so far, under a program named “Release Your Potential”, I’m turning into a completely new man – or the likes of one.

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