I’m Pedro!

I work as a software developer and architect at Tradesolution ASย and love what I do.

The opinions and views expressed on this site are my own, and they do not, in any way, reflect the views and opinions of my employer. I have no intention of defaming, purging, humiliating, or injuring anyone should they decide to act upon the advice and information provided here. Any comments left by any other independent readers or authors are the sole responsibility of that person. If you find material on these pages that you regard as offensive, harmful, or unnecessary, please get in touch with me using pedro in front of the @ and then add the digitaldias.com behind it.

I was born in 1969 with a keen interest in most things that spin around technology. I am, first and foremost, a computer geek, working and evangelizing software projects. I am also keenly interested in photography, filmmaking, music, and home theater. I used to own a Dobermann; however, family and children made me pick a smaller breed, resulting in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel first and now a Norwegian Buhund.

I live together with my wife, Bergfrid. Together we have three beautiful children; Amalie, Adrian, and Elinor.

Favorites and recommendations

It is funny how you can get to know someone better by learning the little things that makeup who you are. Here is a small list that tells a little more about me in keyword form:

colour      : green

music       : rock, jazz, ballads, techno,
              acid, pop, etc, etc, etc

movies      : Mostly sci-fi stuff.
              (Occupational hazard)

books       : Not that often, aside from geek stuff:
              Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey's stories about Pern
              and Stephen Donaldson's chronicles about Thomas

sports      : None practiced, tennis and MMA(!)
              if they're on.

heroes      : My parents
              Bill Gates The nobody that became somebody
              Ansel Adams For the zone system
              Andy Warhol For "inventing" pop-art
              Freddie Mercury For breaking all the rules
              Bjarne Strousrup For C++
              Ulf Uttersrud For his impressive teaching skills

Spare time

Since I am mainly a computer geek, I needed a hobby, which has fallen to a couple of useless things, such as being an audiophile, home-theater geek, and dog owner. The dog is not meaningless; It’s excellent as a guard dog and can carry a ton of stuff when hiking in the woods.


Since 1998, I’ve been involved in various forms of so-called MMOsย (Everquest, Final Fantasy XI, and now most recently, Lord of the Rings online). I’ve also tried Vanguard, Everquest II, GuildWars, Eve, The Silk Road, and World of Warcraft. Still, I didn’t find appeal in any of them, primarily due to ridiculous hardware requirements or game graphics just looking too silly.
Even though I’m not even close to being a “gamer,” I enjoy this type of game and have made many good friends in the real world.

One thing that I’ve developed a knack for is taking pictures, lots of them! So much so that I’ve already photographed two weddings, a christening, and a fair ton of other events. You will probably get an eager “Yes! Sure!” at the mere mention of photographing something/someone.

…and there you have it ๐Ÿ™‚

One Comment on “About”

  1. Hi Pedro,

    Boy, and I thought I was living in a cold place…Nice to see you there in my blog… I’m actually from very near your home village, I was born in Tavira, it’s just about 15Km from Fuseta. But now I’m in Dublin, Ireland.

    Maybe someday we meet around there ๐Ÿ™‚ Best luck for you and your family.

    BTW Nice site. I’m also a photo lover, check out:

    Take care

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