Spammers 1 – internet 0

It has to be said that the internet is loosing the battle against spammers.
According to various posts on the internet, 80% of all the spam in the world is generated by around 200 people. Physical persons like you and me, that seemingly have no lives, nor a wish to live.
I am guessing that it’s only a matter of time before torpedoes are sent to deal with the issue in a way less suited for mankind, sadly, this is how we generally fix things that seemingly have no solution.

Today, I join the ranks of those that have given up the battle against spam. For those of you that know me, you know that I’ve had a home page for over a decade now, and slowly, I’ve had to remove one comment system after the other due to this problem.

My latest effort is this, the wordpress blogging system, with numerous spam countermeasures built into it.
I had to give up using outlook as my email client, not because I don’t like it – there’s nothing better than outlook, but because spammers have killed its usability for me. I had a free discussion board on my site that I had to close down due to massive spam attacks. I can’t let anyone register on my website, because that’ll make it overflow with spammers that advertise adult content sites and the likes of it.

When I write this today, over 93% of all forum posts in the world are spam. That is forum spam alone! I won’t even dare to count email spam – I know that in a typical week, before I finally gave up on Outlook, I was recieving in excess of 1400 spam emails every week! I am NOT going to pay my ISP for a spam filter – I see this as an obligation on their part – I find it disgusting that they let all that trash reach my inbox simply because they want to make more money by offering me a solution. It’s despickable, and therefore I won’t pay a dime for their fix.

It’s a sad day today. I activate yet another blog system, I’ve given up on all of my own, I’ve given up 4 different types of guestbooks and now 3 types of discussion boards, every time because spam has reached and infested them. It’s a sad day, because today, it’s is just that much easier to look away if and when any of those 200 people are caught by a nasty torpedo – because it has probably already happened, and because it will not be the last time it happens – when there are no laws that can efficiently stop spam, it is sad to admit that the only thing that works is sivil vigilanteism. Having said that, for you 200 people responsible for all that spam:
– I hope you get caught by someone who is after you unofficially!

3 Comments on “Spammers 1 – internet 0”

  1. If you have not done so already, you should activate the Akismet plugin on WordPress. It will eliminate most of the comment spam.

  2. I did, but it kinda didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s a time thing or what, I installed the blogger on my IIS server, running on the latest version of PHP & MySQL.. I read that sometimes it takes a couple of days for the API code to activate, so waiting a couple of days before I panic 🙂

  3. I don’t know about that. I already had a account, so the API key was already available.

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