Finally caved – site now hosted by WordPress

It took me a while – 14 years to be exact – to leave the concept of writing my own home page and instead just use something ready made. You can still look up what is left of my most recent site by clicking on this here text, but I wont make any promises about it staying there for long.

I am still hosting the site though, the wordpress server is running locally on my MySql database.

As you can tell, I was already using to display the contents of my wordpress blog on my homepage by nosing into WP’s database – but I was finding the solution ugly, and to be able to comment, you still had to navigate to the WP page and use the functionality there.

So, instead, I will add any relevant links here on this page, presumably, the guestbook will be one of the first linkes that I will redesign, and expect me to do a whole lot more with the photography bit. As it is now, its completely uselss.

So, I hope you all like it, I found a theme that I find easy on the eyes, comments should be a whole lot easier to write for you all now.

Oh, and by the way, Lego’ homepage is still where it was at …


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