Time to play with Lego!

I’ve always had this distinct notion that my house will not be without a pet. So when we lost Quita, we soon started to look around kennels to see if any of them had a fresh litter with puppies for sale. Some of you may recall that Quita came into our house  the moment we learned that Bella had cancer, they spent 3 wonderful months together before Bella finally yielded to her disease.

Not many days after, we found Lego, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who was born on May the 20th, he was one of two males left in a litter of five. He is the firstborn, and has a distinct white-ish color on the tip of his two back paws.

Why the small race, you say?

As some of you know, Both Quita and Bella were a Doberman breed, and I have to admit, I do love them, but our local county law (Skedsmo kommune) introduced a “leash all year, everywhere” rule that basically makes life miserable for medium and large-sized dogs. Dogs need to run free, and to be able to socialize with other dogs in playing with them, and not being only restricted to a quick whiff at the end of a tight leash. This only makes dogs more aggressive.

Rules like this have no meaning – there is no wildlife near my town that need this type of protection. There are no farms with animals nearby that warrant this law. Do we need a law to protect people from dogs?? –  if so, it is  an epic declaration of fail for humanity! 


Coming home

We picked Lego up yesterday, at 8 weeks of age. He was the last of his litter to abandon the home. All of his siblings left the house the day before. In a way,  that was a good thing. Lego slept alone in his crib for a night in known surroundings. His mom even started to reject him (as they do when the pups reach this age) so I feel we got him at the optimal time! First born, and last to leave.

BUT – I’m not going to write too much about Lego on this site.

He was first born, but last to leave his home. In our waiting, we created Lego’s own news page, so that you can follow his progress.

So point your browser to http://lego.digitaldias.com for news, updates and photos of Lego. That’s where the news will be – for convenience, it’s also a WordPress blog, so you can point your favourite newsreader to it and get the news when they are fresh!

Happy summer!

Pedro & Lego

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  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are enjoyably affectionate, playful, intelligent little dogs that repay their owner’s care and attention with loyal and endearing devotion. A King Charles Spaniel isn’t just man’s best friend, it’s the whole world!

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