Two double oh seven

A brand new year, congratulations to all you readers!

Falling lamb

I start the year by having shifted over my homepage onto this wordpress thing in order to temporarily get rid of all those spammers! You won’t believe how fast they find your page, and then start posting crap on it – pissing me off more and more! O well, but instead of starting the new year with a grunt, I’ll rather start it by wishing you all a happy happy new year. In Norway, we just say the last two digits of the year, i.e. “zero six”, which in Norwegian can be easilly (mis)understood as “No sex”, so I guess it’s a good thing that we’re all past that. Now we write double oh seven, the year of bond, flirtation and living dangerously. I bet there will be a big Bond movie coming this year, as well as a whole mountain of puns on the same joke. Give us bread and circus! We live to be entertained..

I came into 2007 weighing four kilos more than before I went off on my break.. Means my workout sessions will be a lot of fun. :/
Till next time, cheers!

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