Woha, slow down there!!

During the recent days, I’ve been blown away over how much google has expanded since the days when I thought nothing more of it than a search engine. For some reason, unknown to mankind, I had a co-worker send me an invitation to obtain a new google email address(most likely due to the spamming problems I’ve had lately).

Opening up a new gmail account…

…is like installing a complete suite of “all you’ll ever need to use your office-like tools among friends and family. I’ve NEVER had such an organized personal life. I’ve created a budget for 2007 using a google spreadsheet. I can have Bergfrid collaborate with me over http, alter the values within the spreadsheet, and discuss the changes in a chat window as we create the budget together. We have organized our “spare time” in google calendar, making it alot easier to avoid setting plans that don’t fit. Our friends are able to see when we’re busy, and when we’re not.. Better yet, google alerts me with a text message directly onto my cellphone of important events in the calendar! MS Office has never done that for me!!

In addition,

I tried out picasa for shits & giggles, after all, I am employed in a company that writes similar software.. but what picasa has to offer, is integration ! It was SO easy to share a couple of images onto a brand new google album that it is simply scary! When stuff gets this easy to use, you don’t want to be using anything else.!

I was going to say “soon” but I think I’ll rather say “now”.. because, now, today, all you need, really for your typical chat, email, document, spreadsheet, calendar, and image needs, at least as a private person (and perhaps some simple offices) is google.. I’ve been googlified, and I’m loving it.

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  1. Hi Pedro,
    My name is John. I started a team on the seti@home Project recently and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining the team. It’s a lot of fun and there is plenty of science and space stuff also.

    The team I started is called PADDY’S IN SPACE and it has been running now for the last fue months with good success. I see from the seti stats that you are not on any team on the seti@home project and I am trying to put together a really good team.

    PADDY’S IN SPACE has a website that you could take a look at. It has lots of team information and a message board for team members to chat also. Mind you, I only started the message board recently. I also send out regular Newsletters to keep people up to date.

    Joining the team would not affect your standing in the individual seti stats. It would just mean that the team would also get credit for work done on your computer.

    Pedro i read your blog about spam but writing this as a comment is my only way of contacting you.

    Listen, have a look anyway and see what you think or send me an e-mail with your thoughts. I would love to have you as a member of the team.
    Thanks , John.

    This is the Team website:

    Here is a link if you want to Join

    My e-mail;

  2. Hi John, and thanks for the awesome invitation.

    I am very tempted, but I’ve sworn to set aside my computers to help promote Norway as an active SETI contributor. All in good spirit, of course, a little fun competition for finding E.T 😉

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