Finally caved – site now hosted by WordPress

It took me a while – 14 years to be exact – to leave the concept of writing my own home page and instead just use something ready made. You can still look up what is left of my most recent site by clicking on this here text, but I wont make any promises about it staying there for long.

I am still hosting the site though, the wordpress server is running locally on my MySql database.

As you can tell, I was already using to display the contents of my wordpress blog on my homepage by nosing into WP’s database – but I was finding the solution ugly, and to be able to comment, you still had to navigate to the WP page and use the functionality there.

So, instead, I will add any relevant links here on this page, presumably, the guestbook will be one of the first linkes that I will redesign, and expect me to do a whole lot more with the photography bit. As it is now, its completely uselss.

So, I hope you all like it, I found a theme that I find easy on the eyes, comments should be a whole lot easier to write for you all now.

Oh, and by the way, Lego’ homepage is still where it was at …


Time to play with Lego!

I’ve always had this distinct notion that my house will not be without a pet. So when we lost Quita, we soon started to look around kennels to see if any of them had a fresh litter with puppies for sale. Some of you may recall that Quita came into our house  the moment we learned that Bella had cancer, they spent 3 wonderful months together before Bella finally yielded to her disease.

Not many days after, we found Lego, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who was born on May the 20th, he was one of two males left in a litter of five. He is the firstborn, and has a distinct white-ish color on the tip of his two back paws.

Why the small race, you say?

As some of you know, Both Quita and Bella were a Doberman breed, and I have to admit, I do love them, but our local county law (Skedsmo kommune) introduced a “leash all year, everywhere” rule that basically makes life miserable for medium and large-sized dogs. Dogs need to run free, and to be able to socialize with other dogs in playing with them, and not being only restricted to a quick whiff at the end of a tight leash. This only makes dogs more aggressive.

Rules like this have no meaning – there is no wildlife near my town that need this type of protection. There are no farms with animals nearby that warrant this law. Do we need a law to protect people from dogs?? –  if so, it is  an epic declaration of fail for humanity! 


Coming home

We picked Lego up yesterday, at 8 weeks of age. He was the last of his litter to abandon the home. All of his siblings left the house the day before. In a way,  that was a good thing. Lego slept alone in his crib for a night in known surroundings. His mom even started to reject him (as they do when the pups reach this age) so I feel we got him at the optimal time! First born, and last to leave.

BUT – I’m not going to write too much about Lego on this site.

He was first born, but last to leave his home. In our waiting, we created Lego’s own news page, so that you can follow his progress.

So point your browser to for news, updates and photos of Lego. That’s where the news will be – for convenience, it’s also a WordPress blog, so you can point your favourite newsreader to it and get the news when they are fresh!

Happy summer!

Pedro & Lego

And then, cold came!


Woke up this morning with the sense of my bed being unusually cozy.. Leaving it did not seem quite the thing to do.

I got me one of those cheap inside/outside termometers, a few years ago, so I tippy-toed downstairs to have  a quick glance at it, and sure, it said 16 negative degrees (That’s 3.2F for the yanks) outside, but worse, inside we had no more than Just over 17C (62.6F). Who unplugged the global heater??

17 Degrees inside, man, ,that’s no cool at all, it’s enough to make you shiver unless you pack a double set of everything; double socks, double sweaters, speak twice as fast to have the friction warm you up a little.

And look at my car (you can click on the images btw)!! DSC_0058

The poor thing, we’re going to IKEA today to get another shelf for the living room, and this  is what greets us!

So I had to go outside, in my jammies, hook up the car with the engine heater, run back in again and defrost my family jewels. And while I wait for the thing to thaw, I snapped a few photos for you to see with my brand new Nikon D700 and 24/70mm 🙂

Happy holidays, all!

One Saturday morning…

I spent the better part of this saturday morning fixing up an application that will let a slacker friend of mine export his images to his apache-based web server. At the same time, I figured I needed a wee bit shorter URL’s to my own images (if you’ve ever tried to look at the image url, you’d probably be scared!), so I wrote a small wrapper that is able to fetch the correct image using the filename of the original without disclosing the RAW image that lies behind. Pretty cool, innit?


This lets me insert images like this without a link that takes up 5 lines of space, AND they now include an embedded watermark! Go ahead! right-click the image,check it’s properties, and look at the sexah url!

So tell me, what did YOU do this morning? 🙂


Blogging during summertime is like playing tennis in Alaska during wintertime. Don’t expect alot of blog posts, the brain is hot, overcooked, and lazy during this time.

On the other side, keeping yourself up to date on my Fotoweb is more like the thing to do. Summer is high season for photography, and in that respect, I can promise you that the lazyness is gone.

Multilingual is a fact

It gives me pleasure to finally be able to present my blog in both English and Norwegian!
I always found it a bit tacky to only write in English, even though
it was the most practical thing to do due to my many friends abroad.

Anyway, from now on, expect most of my blogs in both languages –
click on the flag above to change the language.

Two double oh seven

A brand new year, congratulations to all you readers!

Falling lamb

I start the year by having shifted over my homepage onto this wordpress thing in order to temporarily get rid of all those spammers! You won’t believe how fast they find your page, and then start posting crap on it – pissing me off more and more! O well, but instead of starting the new year with a grunt, I’ll rather start it by wishing you all a happy happy new year. In Norway, we just say the last two digits of the year, i.e. “zero six”, which in Norwegian can be easilly (mis)understood as “No sex”, so I guess it’s a good thing that we’re all past that. Now we write double oh seven, the year of bond, flirtation and living dangerously. I bet there will be a big Bond movie coming this year, as well as a whole mountain of puns on the same joke. Give us bread and circus! We live to be entertained..

I came into 2007 weighing four kilos more than before I went off on my break.. Means my workout sessions will be a lot of fun. :/
Till next time, cheers!

Spammers 1 – internet 0

It has to be said that the internet is loosing the battle against spammers.
According to various posts on the internet, 80% of all the spam in the world is generated by around 200 people. Physical persons like you and me, that seemingly have no lives, nor a wish to live.
I am guessing that it’s only a matter of time before torpedoes are sent to deal with the issue in a way less suited for mankind, sadly, this is how we generally fix things that seemingly have no solution.

Today, I join the ranks of those that have given up the battle against spam. For those of you that know me, you know that I’ve had a home page for over a decade now, and slowly, I’ve had to remove one comment system after the other due to this problem.

My latest effort is this, the wordpress blogging system, with numerous spam countermeasures built into it.
I had to give up using outlook as my email client, not because I don’t like it – there’s nothing better than outlook, but because spammers have killed its usability for me. I had a free discussion board on my site that I had to close down due to massive spam attacks. I can’t let anyone register on my website, because that’ll make it overflow with spammers that advertise adult content sites and the likes of it.

When I write this today, over 93% of all forum posts in the world are spam. That is forum spam alone! I won’t even dare to count email spam – I know that in a typical week, before I finally gave up on Outlook, I was recieving in excess of 1400 spam emails every week! I am NOT going to pay my ISP for a spam filter – I see this as an obligation on their part – I find it disgusting that they let all that trash reach my inbox simply because they want to make more money by offering me a solution. It’s despickable, and therefore I won’t pay a dime for their fix.

It’s a sad day today. I activate yet another blog system, I’ve given up on all of my own, I’ve given up 4 different types of guestbooks and now 3 types of discussion boards, every time because spam has reached and infested them. It’s a sad day, because today, it’s is just that much easier to look away if and when any of those 200 people are caught by a nasty torpedo – because it has probably already happened, and because it will not be the last time it happens – when there are no laws that can efficiently stop spam, it is sad to admit that the only thing that works is sivil vigilanteism. Having said that, for you 200 people responsible for all that spam:
– I hope you get caught by someone who is after you unofficially!