And then, cold came!


Woke up this morning with the sense of my bed being unusually cozy.. Leaving it did not seem quite the thing to do.

I got me one of those cheap inside/outside termometers, a few years ago, so I tippy-toed downstairs to have  a quick glance at it, and sure, it said 16 negative degrees (That’s 3.2F for the yanks) outside, but worse, inside we had no more than Just over 17C (62.6F). Who unplugged the global heater??

17 Degrees inside, man, ,that’s no cool at all, it’s enough to make you shiver unless you pack a double set of everything; double socks, double sweaters, speak twice as fast to have the friction warm you up a little.

And look at my car (you can click on the images btw)!! DSC_0058

The poor thing, we’re going to IKEA today to get another shelf for the living room, and this  is what greets us!

So I had to go outside, in my jammies, hook up the car with the engine heater, run back in again and defrost my family jewels. And while I wait for the thing to thaw, I snapped a few photos for you to see with my brand new Nikon D700 and 24/70mm 🙂

Happy holidays, all!

Happy shoot!

close and blue

A niece, with some white and blue to her

Shooting again!

On friday, I had a photo shoot with my niece at home, just to see if I had gotten the theory about how to work with whites correctly.

The aim was to get control of whites in the background, and learn how to set it without adding spill around her hair and skin.

The result? I’m super happy! This is by far my best shoots so far, so good, in fact, that I had to publish it on flickr for your viewing pleasure. Go check it out now, and let me know what you think!

Atkins hasn’t been as good with me this week – notibly no change at all on the weight, but still a nice total of 7 kilos down in four weeks is enough to keep me happy.

Painful correctness

Catching up

Back to work again to my new employer, this time (back) in the role as an IT consultant and a senior one at that. It is refreshing to work in an environment that is constantly challenging my knowledge about various technologies. Now if I only could figure out how to get used to having a laptop computer with me back and forth every single day and I’ll be one happy camper..

Away, fatness!

Managing to work out in the morning without sweating down my clothes afterward is a challenge. As spinning classes now are back to their normal 3-day per week schedule, I need to figure out how to stop sweating after the shower!

Look sharp! Look dry!

A thing that is bugging me, is that it really isn’t easy bringing a gym bag, a laptop backpack AND dress nicely all on top of my mountain bike on the way to the train station. This is getting to the point where I am seriously considering taking the car to the train station just to avoid the hassle. Clearly, being environmentally aware is not compatible with being a commuter – not in the consultant business!

Rough waters

The basement is now dry after the flood now and ready for a fresh coat of paint. We still haven’t moved anything down there, as we are hoping to do something with the roof while we’re going to paint/lay new flooring there.

Chip! chip! chip! chip!

Photography has been dead the last month or so. With the new job taking up all my available brain power, and Stargate SG-1 taking up the spare time, I am saving most of my creative energy for work, but I still have managed to push forward a project for controlling my Pre-Amplifier. Expect a dedicated home page soon. I had a similar project far too many years ago, written in C++ using MFC and virtually no knowledge about agile software development. The new version is being written in C# using a 3-tiered model, complete with a separate unit testing project, installer, user documentation, and scrum as the project management methodology. The thing is practically writing itself!

Tell me about myself!

Oh, I woke up this morning thinking that I have really never written an “about-me” page in spite of having had a home page on the internet since around 1995! Of course, you cannot wake up a Sunday morning thinking a thing like that without immediately scratching your groin, jumping out of bed, and writing one, so.. I did, and here is the result.

Taking fitness to the next level

Working out…
3 Weeks ago, I upped the ante and I’m now working out every week-day for a grand total of 5 intense one-hour workouts per week.

A total of fifteen sessions the last 3 weeks as opposed to the usual 9 was hard as hell the first two weeks, with the last one being rather OK.

Last week, I went to a seek some advice at my SATS gym, and together with a professional, I now have a 3-split workout program for my weight training in addition to two spinning sessions per week.


My devotion to photography has been renewed lately, but due to the intense step-up in working out, I’ve not had much spare time to actually do any work except planning and testing various light scenarios. I did however take a small walkabout with Knackezapper Ole and with Lene from work, aiming to learn how to use the flash better. Ole, of course, had to catch me in a moment where I (almost) wasn’t prepared!

Nikon Belly

Oh ,and I almost forgot! It’s our constitution day today! Hail to the Kingdom!

Galleries and more

Having found myself with some extra time to spend on developing useless, but fun projects at home, I came across this little plugin for FireFox named PicLens. It is truly the most amazing way to display images on the web that I’ve seen so far, so I instantly implemented a WebService to speak with my FotoWeb server and return Media RSS. I wonder why I have not done this before..

Anyway, I did not want to expose any of my internal FotoWeb details, such as credentials, archives, etc to the outside world, so I wrote a web application that communicates with my webservice, and “finalized” the RSS stream there. In a matter of little over 2 hours, I now have a zero-to-hero  solution where the feed for my brand new PicLens gallery is supplied by a web application that in turn gets it’s juice from a web service that speaks with my FotoWeb.

My virtual chest just grew 3 new thick hairs!

Live and learn

Starting out with a new will for photography, now that May month is here and is almost done filling me up with much needed vitamine D, I have began to look at photography again, currently looking at how the use of flash in various ways can improve the way I shoot.
Quita in the garden
It should follow, naturally, that I have purchased yet another studio light (500w this time) as well as a cheap, chinese remote trigger that actually works! Viva Kaffebrus in Sweden for making amateur studio photography possible!
New Job!
After much talking about what to do and what not to do, I decided to end my work at FotoWare and instead go back into consulting, where I feel that I belong. This means that from August, I will be working as an employee of Mesan as a consultant specializing on the Microsoft platform. I do believe it will be a good swap, but time will tell, I remain sceptical.


Blogging during summertime is like playing tennis in Alaska during wintertime. Don’t expect alot of blog posts, the brain is hot, overcooked, and lazy during this time.

On the other side, keeping yourself up to date on my Fotoweb is more like the thing to do. Summer is high season for photography, and in that respect, I can promise you that the lazyness is gone.

All is well when the end's well…

A long, long time ago in 1997, a friend of mine and me were kidding around (as we often did) at Oslo College, doing our daily jokes and pranks in between lectures. For some reason unknown to man, my friend Gustavo, kicked me right where the sun doesn’t shine, thus giving birth to an infection that manifested itself as a huge cyst near the tip of my tail..

A couple of days later, it had grown to the size of a small grape, not big, if you’re thinking fruit in general, but large enough to cause me endless pain, and have my father, whom was still alive at the time, drive me down to the local medical emergency center. There, I was met by the worst imaginable “Helga” you can possibly imagine, a huge, tall blonde nurse with a scalpel in her hand, and no anesthetics in the other! I fled in panic, and later managed to puncture the cyst myself, with a device made out of a couple of needles, a rubber ribbon, and one of those wooden pincher’s that you hang up your clothes with… (patent pending)

The cyst came back, every now and then, making its presence known, but now, with the holes made by my home made surgery kit I could easily squish it out again, but the situation was never a good one, so finally, a few months ago, I told my doctor about the whole thing, which made her book me into the local hospital for a professional cleanup.

And here I am, ladies and gentlemen, recovering from the most fantastic surgery I’ve ever had. I never felt a bit of pain, not even when the anesthetics wore off. I have painkillers that I haven’t used yet, and probably won’t. The only care I have to take, is to avoid sitting, of course, which is not the easiest thing I can do, considering that my feet do not let me stand on them for longer periods of time.

I have a huge, 13cm long wound that is healing up (around 5 inches) back there while I lay on the side with my laptop in front of me. Tried driving yesterday, and found that I’m not quite up to that just yet, hehe..

I also won a local photo contest at work with this image:

winner image

The people from work called me up using their conference phone and let me in on the final verdict of the competition – that was a great thing of them to do, heartwarming to put it mildly – even though speaking with 12 people at the same time over a conference phone doesn’t really “put you there” yet, the mood certainly was conveyed!

Other than that, I’m just hoping to heal up as fast as possible so I can get back to my training, and go out and buy a new bicycle. I’ve promised myself to ride to work at the least 3 times this year (The distance is roughly 26Km (16 miles). I’ll let you know by the end of september if I managed to keep that promise or not.

Later, folks!

Spring forward!

The darkness of winter is finally receding, and the sun and sky are giving telltale signs of spring.

Walking around to the sound of snow melting all around, having Quita running loose, clearly enjoying the weather is nice. Spring is here!

Quita in mid-air

A perfect chance and oppurtunity to go out and shoot a few images. Even tried a couple of landscape shots, but I forgot to bring my tripod, and got too much blur on the results.

Gallery change

For some reason, my Image gallery has never made much sense. Sitting down with a tired back, I looked at it and said “Hey, that’s not right!” and simplified. Now, it’s easy as a breeze, you are defaulted to my images once you enter the gallery, and can choose to look at Bergfrids gallery from the Archives menu, or the images that I am most happy with (recommended). If you’re a visitor, you will only have access to recommended images using the special username and password given to you by me. For everyone else: tough luck, my images aren’t that public.

Arthur at max ISO
HIGH ISO Imaging
Lately, I’ve been experimenting with images taken at high ISO (digitally) in order to overcome the noise problem, I think I’m starting to get the drift of it, the image above was taken using your typical expose to the right technique, and then selectively sharpened by the edges (read up on that and more sharpening techniques here ). I will get back to you on this as soon as I understand the consept 100% and can show you some examples of what it means.