Time to play with Lego!

I’ve always had this distinct notion that my house will not be without a pet. So when we lost Quita, we soon started to look around kennels to see if any of them had a fresh litter with puppies for sale. Some of you may recall that Quita came into our house  the moment we learned that Bella had cancer, they spent 3 wonderful months together before Bella finally yielded to her disease.

Not many days after, we found Lego, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who was born on May the 20th, he was one of two males left in a litter of five. He is the firstborn, and has a distinct white-ish color on the tip of his two back paws.

Why the small race, you say?

As some of you know, Both Quita and Bella were a Doberman breed, and I have to admit, I do love them, but our local county law (Skedsmo kommune) introduced a “leash all year, everywhere” rule that basically makes life miserable for medium and large-sized dogs. Dogs need to run free, and to be able to socialize with other dogs in playing with them, and not being only restricted to a quick whiff at the end of a tight leash. This only makes dogs more aggressive.

Rules like this have no meaning – there is no wildlife near my town that need this type of protection. There are no farms with animals nearby that warrant this law. Do we need a law to protect people from dogs?? –  if so, it is  an epic declaration of fail for humanity! 


Coming home

We picked Lego up yesterday, at 8 weeks of age. He was the last of his litter to abandon the home. All of his siblings left the house the day before. In a way,  that was a good thing. Lego slept alone in his crib for a night in known surroundings. His mom even started to reject him (as they do when the pups reach this age) so I feel we got him at the optimal time! First born, and last to leave.

BUT – I’m not going to write too much about Lego on this site.

He was first born, but last to leave his home. In our waiting, we created Lego’s own news page, so that you can follow his progress.

So point your browser to http://lego.digitaldias.com for news, updates and photos of Lego. That’s where the news will be – for convenience, it’s also a WordPress blog, so you can point your favourite newsreader to it and get the news when they are fresh!

Happy summer!

Pedro & Lego

And so it is over…

It’s September, and we’ve been home for a few weeks already. The holidays we spent in Portugal were PalmeMotHimmel absolutely wonderful, and did a great deal of good to our tired geeky carcasses. Current weightloss since I started on Atkins: 11.5Kg down


The diet I was on was put to a complete stop – I knew I’d suffer if I had attempted to stay on it, and not to mention what my family and friends would have said if I refused to eat batata frita.

Dog with attitude in spite of short height

We didn’t “do” antyhing this time.

Instead, we maxed out the chill, ate well, went to the beach and spent loads of time with family and friends. Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

So, expect no huge slideshow from this vacation, other than these two li’l images that kind of summarised the 3 weeks; lazy, hot, algarvian.

Restaurante Capri

I have to mention this restaurant in particular for anyone thinking of travelling to the Algarve. It has an exquisite selection of seafood, great spirit from the personal, it is highly affordable, and provides an overall feeling of Algarve that you will be challenged to find anywhere else. You really feel like part of the family in this little restaurant – this summer’s absolute recommendation for your culinary requirements!


Painful correctness

Catching up

Back to work again to my new employer, this time (back) in the role as an IT consultant and a senior one at that. It is refreshing to work in an environment that is constantly challenging my knowledge about various technologies. Now if I only could figure out how to get used to having a laptop computer with me back and forth every single day and I’ll be one happy camper..

Away, fatness!

Managing to work out in the morning without sweating down my clothes afterward is a challenge. As spinning classes now are back to their normal 3-day per week schedule, I need to figure out how to stop sweating after the shower!

Look sharp! Look dry!

A thing that is bugging me, is that it really isn’t easy bringing a gym bag, a laptop backpack AND dress nicely all on top of my mountain bike on the way to the train station. This is getting to the point where I am seriously considering taking the car to the train station just to avoid the hassle. Clearly, being environmentally aware is not compatible with being a commuter – not in the consultant business!

Rough waters

The basement is now dry after the flood now and ready for a fresh coat of paint. We still haven’t moved anything down there, as we are hoping to do something with the roof while we’re going to paint/lay new flooring there.

Chip! chip! chip! chip!

Photography has been dead the last month or so. With the new job taking up all my available brain power, and Stargate SG-1 taking up the spare time, I am saving most of my creative energy for work, but I still have managed to push forward a project for controlling my Pre-Amplifier. Expect a dedicated home page soon. I had a similar project far too many years ago, written in C++ using MFC and virtually no knowledge about agile software development. The new version is being written in C# using a 3-tiered model, complete with a separate unit testing project, installer, user documentation, and scrum as the project management methodology. The thing is practically writing itself!

Tell me about myself!

Oh, I woke up this morning thinking that I have really never written an “about-me” page in spite of having had a home page on the internet since around 1995! Of course, you cannot wake up a Sunday morning thinking a thing like that without immediately scratching your groin, jumping out of bed, and writing one, so.. I did, and here is the result.

Amistad II – the auction

Slavery is obviously not yet completely gone from the planet, something a test of the decaying search-engine Sesam can confirm.
Obivously, they’re attempting to supplement their income by selling old nerds like myseelf on auction…
It was by mere coincidence that I stumbled upon this hoochy business as I was checking out what this norwegian search engin had in store for me.

The link leads to an image of the search result where I’ve highlighted the interesting bit…

click here to see the image
(Translation: “buy and sell Pedro on tradera.com. Free membership, register today, so that you too can buy and sell online at traderas swedish auction site.)

To those considering a bid – I’m only partially potty-trained, I may howl at night, and I zap during commercials!

If My Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?

If My Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?

How to Play:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question below, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the nextbutton
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool …

Here are mine:

Opening Credits:
Enigma – Oddyssey of the mind

First Day At School:
Iron Maiden – Aces High

Falling In Love:
Era – Sombre Day

Breaking Up:
Travellin strawberries – Knokkel pukkel mann

Kylie Minogue – Give me just a little more time

Mental Breakdown:
Queen – You’re my best firend

Deep Forest – Bohemian Ballet

Getting Back Together:
Yello – Drive driven

Wedding Scene:
Chris Rea – Light of hope

Final Battle:
Tina Turner – Typical male (uhm.. not the best of battle muzaks, lol)

Death Scene:
Iron Maiden – 2 minutes to midnight (!!!)

Funeral Song:
Chick Corea – Captain Marvel (bwhahah)

End Credits:
Jim Hall & Pat Metheny – Improvisation no.5

Herbie Hancock – Ambraceable you

Italiensk Service


It may seem like service still exists, just not in our part of the world. I recently had an experience with the product WalkyDog;
a device used to attach a dog to a bicycle. I’ve used a better known alternative for a long time, but found WalkyDog to be such
an interesting product that it was worth the shot to try it out.

I bought the product and tested it on my bike. With her 35Kg’s of weight, Quita tore it aphart after no more than 20-30meters, and this
in spite of the fact that she is well trained in running with a bicycle (she doesen’t yank). I threw the product in the bin, and sent
a rather angry email to the producer where I told them to adjust the weight that they claimed their WalkyDog was able to handle. The package
reads “Approved for dogs upto 40Kg in size”, yet, a dobermann of 35Kg tore it sunder.

Unexpected as it was, I received an answer from WalkyDog where they apologized for the product not measuring up to expectations, and additionally, they
asked me to take an image of where it had broken in order to send me a new one.
Unfortunately, I had already thrown it away, and the garbage had already been colleced during the days of this conversation, so I wrote back to WalkyDog tellling them
that it really wasn’t so important for me to get a new WalkyDog, I really had just emailed them to let them know of the failure, and to let out some steam.
Still, I sent them a drawing, where I attemted to explain where and how it broke.

Today, I got a recommended package in snailmail – a brand new WalkyDog, free of charge! WalkyDog themselves claim that I must’ve purchased a poorly welded
item, and that they guarantee that the product will manage to hold my Dog.

This kind of service, from a Norwegian company, just doesen’t happen – unfortunately.
WalkyDog shows, by believing in me, that they have the customer in focus, and that they really do guarantee the quality of their products.
That calls for respect. Unless it snaps again within the next few weeks of use, I promise you all that I am going to recommend this product
to all my friends.

During the period of leash law (dogs must be in a leash at all times here from April 1st until August 20th), these types of products are among very few
products that can help dog owners excersise their dogs, and this type of publicity is what I’d call flat out priceless.
Norwegian companies: read and learn!

Multilingual is a fact

It gives me pleasure to finally be able to present my blog in both English and Norwegian!
I always found it a bit tacky to only write in English, even though
it was the most practical thing to do due to my many friends abroad.

Anyway, from now on, expect most of my blogs in both languages –
click on the flag above to change the language.

All is well when the end's well…

A long, long time ago in 1997, a friend of mine and me were kidding around (as we often did) at Oslo College, doing our daily jokes and pranks in between lectures. For some reason unknown to man, my friend Gustavo, kicked me right where the sun doesn’t shine, thus giving birth to an infection that manifested itself as a huge cyst near the tip of my tail..

A couple of days later, it had grown to the size of a small grape, not big, if you’re thinking fruit in general, but large enough to cause me endless pain, and have my father, whom was still alive at the time, drive me down to the local medical emergency center. There, I was met by the worst imaginable “Helga” you can possibly imagine, a huge, tall blonde nurse with a scalpel in her hand, and no anesthetics in the other! I fled in panic, and later managed to puncture the cyst myself, with a device made out of a couple of needles, a rubber ribbon, and one of those wooden pincher’s that you hang up your clothes with… (patent pending)

The cyst came back, every now and then, making its presence known, but now, with the holes made by my home made surgery kit I could easily squish it out again, but the situation was never a good one, so finally, a few months ago, I told my doctor about the whole thing, which made her book me into the local hospital for a professional cleanup.

And here I am, ladies and gentlemen, recovering from the most fantastic surgery I’ve ever had. I never felt a bit of pain, not even when the anesthetics wore off. I have painkillers that I haven’t used yet, and probably won’t. The only care I have to take, is to avoid sitting, of course, which is not the easiest thing I can do, considering that my feet do not let me stand on them for longer periods of time.

I have a huge, 13cm long wound that is healing up (around 5 inches) back there while I lay on the side with my laptop in front of me. Tried driving yesterday, and found that I’m not quite up to that just yet, hehe..

I also won a local photo contest at work with this image:

winner image

The people from work called me up using their conference phone and let me in on the final verdict of the competition – that was a great thing of them to do, heartwarming to put it mildly – even though speaking with 12 people at the same time over a conference phone doesn’t really “put you there” yet, the mood certainly was conveyed!

Other than that, I’m just hoping to heal up as fast as possible so I can get back to my training, and go out and buy a new bicycle. I’ve promised myself to ride to work at the least 3 times this year (The distance is roughly 26Km (16 miles). I’ll let you know by the end of september if I managed to keep that promise or not.

Later, folks!

Spring forward!

The darkness of winter is finally receding, and the sun and sky are giving telltale signs of spring.

Walking around to the sound of snow melting all around, having Quita running loose, clearly enjoying the weather is nice. Spring is here!

Quita in mid-air

A perfect chance and oppurtunity to go out and shoot a few images. Even tried a couple of landscape shots, but I forgot to bring my tripod, and got too much blur on the results.